Everyone is religious, particularly the ‘spiritual’ folks

My relationship to religion and spirituality has developed out of something like a 30 year wrestling match—a wrestling match with an angel trained in Jiu-Jitsu. And it seems like nothing has come easy. I was raised in an irreligious home (though my extended family was Mormon) by a single parent mother who basically lived the […]

Journey through Lent: Week 6

Is the Bible a book which each person should read and decide for himself what it means, or is the Bible a book whose meaning is given by the Church? The former idea appears to contain perfect liberty to allow the Bible to speak to the individual unhindered by man’s tradition; the latter idea appears […]

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Journey through Lent: Week Five

Almost there. Tonight is the last night of the Akathist services for the Orthodox churches around the world. I am home solo tonight with the kids so there was no chance for me to make it. This has been my experience throughout Lent this year. I’ve only attended a single Lenten service besides Sundays. Kind […]

Journey through Lent: Week Three

I happened across an odd blog article this week. It was an argument meant to refute the existence of God using the fact that moral sins are not punished physically the way that, say, walking into the street during heavy traffic is punished, or putting your hand on a hot stove, or the like. His […]