The most important thing when talking to your kids about death

Think that children don’t think about death? Think again. An abundance of research has shown that death can often be a pervasive concern for young kids. If you are a parent who has not had dreaded ‘death discussion’ with your child just wait, it’s coming. And it will probably come at a completely unexpected moment. […]

Transcending Workplace Discrimination: an Orthodox Christian Perspective

I had before me what I thought was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with a top-notch counseling team at a renowned cancer treatment hospital for my counseling internship. In reality, I would soon come to understand that I was about to enter a minefield of anti-male bias that would tax me in […]

Fighting Loneliness in an Impersonal World

If you have ever stood in a crowded room and felt completely alone then you understand that loneliness is not the same as being alone. For a lonely person crowds will often serve to amplify, not decrease, the loneliness. Psychiatrist Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, a leading researcher in the phenomenon of loneliness in the late 1950’s, said […]

Erich Fromm on Modern Idolatry: Where Psychotherapy and Religion Intersect

“The threat to the religious attitude lies not in science but in the predominant practices of daily life.” writes Erich Fromm in his famous work, “Psychoanalysis and Religion.” He explains that, “man has ceased to seek in himself the supreme purpose of living and has made himself an instrument serving the economic machine his own […]

Science vs. Religion: the epic clash of a false dichotomy

Why is science and religion so often pitted against each other as if the two are inherently at odds? I’ve written on this before and have read mountains of material on the subject, but I’m still surprised every time I hear the charge that science and religion are in some sort of locked combat to […]

3 Tips for New Dads: things that will make you a better man, if they don’t kill you first

Some men look forward to having kids all their life. Not me. The thought almost never crossed my mind for 35 years. At 25 I was married and content with life. The wife and I traveled a ton and went where we wanted when we wanted, spending ungodly amounts of money doing it, and answering […]

The Gift of Anxiety: make anxiety work for you, not against you

Sounds like a tall order. Is it possible for anxiety to be anything but a curse? The popular view of anxiety casts it as something abnormal, an illness, something to be avoided at all cost. I don’t know the stats but I’m willing to bet that treating anxiety accounts for a good majority of all […]