The Noble Line: a psychology of ancestry and the quest for roots

Eric Hyde Counseling

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the notion of what I call the “Noble Line,” i.e. the psychology of ancestry.

It used to be that growing up a person had a sense of family roots – roots not limited to one’s immediate parents or grandparents, but roots extending back for generations. When a man or woman got married they considered the fourteen noble ancestors in the family line and concerned themselves with producing the fifteenth.

One’s noble line of great men and women spurred one to dream dreams and rouse the confidence needed to carry on the family’s noble history.

This whole notion seems lost today; as if the people of an entire generation have been cut adrift from communion with their ancestors and made to construct their own senses of purpose and meaning (not freed to, but made to). That’s fine as it goes, nothing wrong with gaining…

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