Monasticism: From St. Antony to St. Benedict

The Road to Monasticism Shortly after the stoning of Stephen the Early Church suffered immense persecution. One emperor to the next, and for nearly three centuries spanning from Nero to Trajan and from Decius to Diocletian, Christians were chased from one end of the empire to the other, spilling blood at every turn. Life in […]

Early Church Battle Royale: Alexandria vs. Antioch

Two distinct schools of theology developed in the ancient capital cities of Alexandria and Antioch. Both schools reflected their unique cultural influences in their approach to the Christian faith. Some differences were fairly benign in terms of doctrinal cohesion and overall good relations between the two sees; however, there were some differences that became so […]

The Eucharist in the New Testament

Though Eucharistic language permeates the New Testament from start to finish, there are only a few passages which deal directly with the Last Supper. The specific treatments of the Last Supper are found in the three synoptic Gospels and in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. A compare and contrast study of the separate accounts […]

Orthodox Baptism: a “Private” or “Communal” Affair?

Many people today are made to pass by a dry-erase board at work, hanging prominently where everyone is bound to see it many times a day, tracking their job performance month-to-month and keeping all employees in a constant game of mutual comparison. Unfortunately, this method of employee motivation works, works very well. And it cost […]