God, Santa, Tooth Fairies, and Spaghetti Monsters

There is a curious lack of precision today in the way many atheists and many Christians use the word “God.” “God” is, without a doubt, one of the most slippery terms, with infinite varying concepts from one person to the next, yet a term which both parties (atheists and Christians) tend to treat as if […]

Atheism on the Ropes: Naturalism’s Failure to Provide an Adequate Account for Value

In my experience, this is one of those topics that drives many atheists crazy – the idea that materialism does not allow for a thoroughgoing account of moral and ethical values. Many atheists are perfectly comfortable with confining the notion of value to a mere evolutionary product of the brain which serves to amplify a human’s […]

Will the “Neo-Liturgical Movement” Save Evangelicalism?

There is a conference happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma this June featuring a group called Praxis, a collection of evangelical theologians, pastors, authors, and artists whose focus is to “reclaim the historical church’s priority on liturgy, art and sacred space into the modern day evangelical context” (website). For those who are unaware, there is a strong […]